Phoodio beginnings #2: Beer, food trucks, music and how I became an event organizer…sorta

Three guys walk into a bar. A beer guy, a marketing beer guy and a web developer. Terrible joke setup but it actually happened. The following conversation may not have…

Beer guy: Beer?

Everybody else: Yep.

Some time later…

Beer guy: How’s the site going man?

Developer: Things are well. I’m finding the marketing aspect to be the difficult part.

Marketing Beer Guy: It’s tough

Developer: True. By the way, this beer is delicious.

Marketing Beer Guy: I’ve got an event coming up in the future maybe we can do something together.

Developer: That would be cool!

Months pass and nothing materializes, as is the norm with conversations held over booze.

A week before the event our intrepid developer sends an email late one night. The next day he receives a reply:

Hey, do you think you could get three trucks to our party?
— Marketing Beer Guy

Wait, what?!? Sure….

So over the last few days I found myself trying to track down three trucks to show up to an event in town, that was not my own, with only a week to go. I tried my best to get a good selection for a concert event. You don’t really want three BBQ trucks showing up to the same place and most concert goers aren’t looking for knife and fork type dishes when they are trying to listen to tunes and dance like fools.

Luckily I found three great trucks to attend. The event is going to be a great opportunity to get the site out in the public’s eyes and if nothing else it will be a good show.

I think I learned a few things from this:

  1. Never underestimate the value of meeting new people and chatting about things you’re working on.
  2. Don’t give up on a lead but when looking for people to collaborate with, if you don’t get a reply after a few tries that’s a red flag and time to move on.
  3. Be responsive to communications.
  4. Cold calls are weird.
  5. Be thankful when you get a helping hand. Doing it alone is near impossible.