Greetings community!

Recently, as you all know, the Phore community overwhelmingly voted to launch our new sharding architecture you all know under the project code name Synapse as a new, independent cryptocurrency. This will allow each project to achieve their full potential with their own identities, avoiding brand confusion.

Synapse has always been considered just a code name. We have put a lot of thought into what the name of the new project and cryptocurrency should be. …

Greetings community!

The Phore Marketplace Development team has been busy making several improvements to the back end of the platform. These improvements include several security upgrades, improvements to customer service processes, and building support for new currencies.

Security Upgrades

We consider the security of user funds to be critical to the integrity and success of the Marketplace platform. While security is ultimately the responsibility of each user, we want to provide users with robust tools for protecting the security of funds stored in the Phore Marketplace wallet. To improve wallet security, we have added password protection features to the Phore Marketplace wallet.

Greetings community!

As some of you in the community may be aware, Phore celebrated its third birthday last week!

Three years ago on September 12, 2017, the blockchain had its “genesis” block — marking the official start of a new journey after the KryptKoin rebrand. Phore brought a modern brand design and fresher, more efficient blockchain to the Marketplace project that KryptKoin had built. For a throwback, check out the old KryptKoin Marketplace promotional video on Youtube here.

We’ve come a long way in the past three years, and we can’t thank the community enough for their ongoing support. …

Greetings community!

DEFI — the concatenation of “Decentralized Finance” is all the rage. In fact, it’s the primary driver behind the current crypto bull run. Sure, Bitcoin has gone on a nice run to about $12k levels, but LINK — the top DEFI coin according to CoinGecko — has gone on a crazy 1000% run in just a few months. So, what is DEFI, and what’s causing all the hype? In this article, we’re going to look at DEFI big and small, define it, and talk about how Phore will revolutionize it.

Let’s get started.

Decentralized Finance — Crash Course

Decentralized Finance is the heart…

Greetings Phore community. In this article, we are going to define and explore DeFi, and explain why Phore will be the most attractive DeFi platform in the space.

The term “DeFi” is one that you’ve likely heard tossed around in the crypto universe over the past several months. With the release of crypto yield farming, DeFi platforms and protocols have been on a meteoric rise. So, what exactly is DeFi, and what is all of the hype about?

The word DeFi is a concatenation of the words “Decentralized Finance.” Broadly speaking, it refers to any financial instrument that is outside…

Greetings Phore community!

The Phore Team is very excited to share some additional information on our recent listing to the Masternode Index (MNI) hosted by Midas.Investments!

When listing coins to the index, Midas looks for coins of the highest caliber that include the following characteristics:

  • History of developmental progress
  • Long term stability
  • Sustained price
  • Professional core team
  • Strong coin economics

The team is very pleased that Phore meets such a high bar and are ready to bring the entire industry to a new standard!

So, what is MNI?

The Masternode Index is a diversified investment of four Masternode Projects and Bitcoin. …

Greeting community!

It’s been a busy few months in the Phore world, and we want to make sure the community is up to speed on all of the developments! Read on for a round-up of all of the news from Q2 2020!

Marketplace Updates

Though the Marketplace remains in the Beta phase, the team has been hard at work improving the platform for its users. In April, we released a new and enhanced version of the app, (v. 2.3.6) which included back end improvements, process streamlining, common bug fixes, and UI improvements. …

Greetings community!

Time for another update on Synapse development. Read through to the end to get caught up on our development progress.

Progress Overview

As we have been working towards our next testnet run, we have been doing internal testing and found some issues that needed to be resolved before a full testnet run could be successfully completed. These include some bugs that needed to be addressed to improve reliability and stability, changes to better secure the blockchain protocol, and new functionality to tie together several parts of the Synapse architecture (e.g., beacon chain, validator, and shard modules).

Our synapse development team…

The world’s most advanced & scalable blockchain architecture!

What is Synapse?

Phore Synapse is a revolutionary architecture which makes use of sharding technology and will have a theoretical capacity to process hundreds of thousands (100,000s) of transactions per second, support high-performance execution of fully Turing-complete smart contracts to support complex decentralized applications (dApps) and business models, and allow the creation of customized shards that are optimized for different use cases while allowing full interoperability between shards.

Unlike other proposed sharding platforms, the architecture being developed by Phore will retain a FULLY decentralized nature, as Synapse features a completely decentralized governance system, (though with extended capabilities), allowing much broader participation from the…

Greetings community!

It’s been a while since the last Core Development update and all for good reason — the changes we’ve been working on behind the scenes have been HUMONGOUS!

Let’s dive into the details…

Phore Blockchain

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