9 Best Name Generators for Your Business

Choosing a proper brand name is one of the most important things when you start your own business (we discussed the numerous reasons why here). Fortunately, when you want to make up your own, unique name, but you can’t think of any, there are plenty of name generators, which can save your day. Today, we present you the best 9 of them:

Creating your business name can be a tough nut to crack, but with these great tools you’ll surely find your perfect match.

BizNameWiz Business Name Generator

BizNameWiz with its characteristic bee and honey theme is really easy and intuitive. It also immediately checks the availability of the domain name on GoDaddy.com — the most popular domain registrar and web hosting company. So it’s a 2in1 tool, which means it double helps and saves your time.

The generator is free, fast and private. It also gives you the safety that a name or domain hasn’t been used before. As they say on the website, it creates more than million combinations a day and more than half a million domain checks. These are really impressive numbers, so why don’t you try?


NameThingy can basically generate a name for everything. Even for bands, pets and babies. It creates 2-word names from random words and can be really hilarious at times. When you click on a name you like, you can see if it’s available.

There’s also a panel with a pause button and a form in which you can provide some details. You can provide two types of words for each section of a name, maximum length of words and even your own custom word. There’re also 3 speeds of names display.


Rhymer, as the name suggests, provides you with a word which rhymes to the one you type in. It may not exactly lead straight to the perfect idea for a business name, but it’ll surely help. Rhyming names are catchy and easy to remember and that’s what you certainly want and need to achieve.

The tool has quite a lot of options for rhymes. There are end rhymes (plate/eight), last syllable rhymes (explain/plane), double rhymes (navigator/waiter), triple rhymes (greenery/scenery), beginning rhymes (table/tailor), first syllable rhymes (highlight/hydrant). This is actually the full spectrum of rhymes you might need.

WordLab Business Name Generator

WordLab Business Name Generator is an ultimate tool for naming brands, domains and products. They boast that they have more than 7 million names to choose from. You can also sign up and post a question for help in a forum dedicated to naming projects, where WordLab community members can give you some suggestions.

It’s just a click on “Launch the business name generator” button and a pop-up appears where you click “Get Name!” — and here you go! You can browse through tons of random names and pick anything that catches your eye. There’s also a domain name checker which works similarly.

GoSpaces Business Name Generator

GoSpaces Business Name Generator creates hundreds of names with a keyword of your choice. It also immediately shows you if the domain is available. The generator varies the domain types, so you don’t have to stick to the .com.

The results you get from this generator may not be splendid at first, but just give it a few tries. Test different keywords, even those you don’t like as much. Gather the ideas you like together and try to mix them to find what sounds and matches you best.

Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify Business Name Generator creates brand names with a word or words you to include in it. It also checks the availability of .com domains. The generator may seem to be very similar to the GoSpaces, but the amount of the results is much higher (e.g. for ‘photography’ it’s 158 and 1317 — a huge difference!).

The names’ ideas are also a bit more attractive so it’s easier to find something interesting. Again try to type in different keywords and mix the best ideas you have. Remember that there are no bad ideas in brainstorming.

FreshBooks Business Name Generator

FrashBooks Business Name Generator is one of the simplest generators of them all and at the same time it’s really polished up. The website is also really good looking so it encourages you to start the process of generating a name.

First you need to choose your industry and this is something unique. You can be sure that the names’ ideas match what you do. Then you provide a keyword you want to have included. And that’s it — you can now browse through tons of suggestions. You can also change the key word with one click or simply refresh the page to start from the beginning anytime.

Guru Business Name Generator

Guru Business Name Generator is so fun to use, that it just had to be on this list (go read The Guru Story, it’s hilarious). “If a successful business name you seek, one word I require” sounds familiar, doesn’t it? But it matches the website’s style perfectly.

Type in a word or two that you want to appear in your name. Then, choose the industry you work in (there’s “Photography” provided). Click “Humbly request names” — Guru must be respected! And here you go with the names. You can fortunately ask Guru again and again and he doesn’t get tired 😉


Brandroot provides 10700 business names to choose from. This may not be a big number in comparison to the other generators, but Brandroot offers also logos, domains and prices, which is unique. This is the place where you can learn (if you weren’t familiar with that) how expensive the domains are. Remember also about coding which may be complicated… Isn’t it better to choose a web builder like Photler, where we deal with all the hard stuff and you just post your photos and stories? 😉

The generator offers the possibility to search for names with your own keyword or by the categories. You can find there “photography” so it’s easy to find something quickly. But it’s always better to try different words and take some time for that. Your brand name will stick with you forever, don’t forget that!

So why do I encourage you to try all of them? Because the more ideas you have, the closer you are to your perfectly matching business name. You can also search for synonyms on Thesaurus when you don’t feel the word is right. Browse through the generators, write down all the best results and mix them freely. Those tools are like an online friend with never-ending brainstorm ideas. Take advantage of them!

Did you try some of these or any other, while creating your brand name? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Originally published at photler.com on August 16, 2016.