The Reasons You Need A Logo As Photographer

Today, check out all the reasons why you need a logo as a photographer. Starting your own business you have to take care of many things, and may not realize how important it is to have your own logo. But as it really is one of the most crucial things, so we don’t want you to underestimate its power.

First, let’s go through the general principles, and then all the main benefits of logos:

As you already came up with an awesome brand name or got it from a name generator, now it’s time to put it in the best logo in photography industry — your own.

General principles

Most importantly, your logo should be unique. A research of other photographers’ logos is obligatory here. It also should be easy to understand by your potential customers. It’s best to keep it simple and clear — make sure it looks good in black&white, printed and in all sizes. A common mistake is also making slight changes in printed and online logo. Your logo is your visual representation, always stick to one version.

As you may have already seen — Photler’s logo fulfills those requirements, it’s understandable and simple, nothing more that a globe and aperture petals — travel and photography in one.

According to KoMarketing report, 36% of website visitors click the brand logo to come back to home page, which only enhances the importance of having one.

Stand out from a crowd

First of all, your own, unique logo helps you distinguish yourself from the other photographers. As the industry is getting more and more crowded, sometimes by not-so-professional people, you need to stand out to be recognizable and trusted. A good logo shows who you are as a photographer even before reaching your works or website. It’s your visual description, one of the first things people see about you and your work. See the logo of Jessica Seven Photography — it consists just of a camera, which looks great and immidiately tells you what is Jessica up to.

Photo by Jessica Seven Photography

As professor of branding at the University of East Anglia, Robert Jones, says:

Your logo is how people recognise you, and it helps express how you’re different from your rivals — warmer, greener, stronger, and so on. And people need an image to look at. As Aristotle said, ‘the soul cannot think without an image’.

Makes you more memorable

What comes obviously next — a perfect logo makes it easier for people to remember you and your work. Once you got their attention, you need to stay in their minds. A properly designed logo will surely help with that. And it’s the reason why it has to be simple and understandable for everyone. Just as Jessica’s logo, it doesn’t leave any doubts about her profession. It’s also really catchy and original, once you see it, it’ll stay in your mind and you’ll surely remember who Jessica is.

Photo by Jessica Seven Photography

According to Michael Downing, CEO and co-founder of Tout, it’s the image that people remember most:

We are a visual species who processes thousands of times more information visually by reading text or listening to something.

Going further, let’s see some numbers. This great infographics from The Next Web shows how brain reacts to visual materials. 60 000 times faster processing! Isn’t it crazy?

Infographics by The Next Web

Well-matched logo can immediately tell the people who find you, what type of photography are you up to. Along with your brand name it should clearly present who you are and what you do. People will easily associate you with your area of interest and work. Make a little research and you’ll see that various photography fields have their unwritten rules when it comes to logos. Travel photographers, like The Everywhereist, may allow themselves a little more fancy ones than for example wedding photographers (like Ray Anthony), who have different expectations from their clients.

It’s common sense to spend time on your logo — it’s the first thing that people see; it’s the look of your company; and it’s going to reflect what you do.

Says Martin Christie, of the London-based logo design firm Alchemist, who also thinks that simplicity is the most important factor.

Gives you consistent exposure

The more you expose your logo, the more memorable you’ll be. Add it everywhere you are, to your website and social media, to your emails and any other public profile. This consistency will help people remember you and your brand, even if you’re fresh in the industry. Such persistence will show your authenticity and reliability, so people will become your clients more willingly. Once they remember you, they have to be sure you’re trustworthy, so build your communication strategy wisely.

Builds brand image

A good logo will help you build and maintain the desired image of your brand. It’s one of the first things people learn about you and main visual component they’ll remember. As it appears everywhere with you, make sure it looks professional and is well-designed, and it’ll surely help to succeed with your business. Poorly-designed logos may give an impression of amateurishness and discourage people from working with you. The main key here is that your logo alone should give people full information on what your brand is about. Just as Still Studios’ does. See an old photographic film there?

Still Studios‘ Photler portfolio

Makes you look professional

Having a professional logo you’ll always give the first impression of a professional photographer — who you are, or working on to be one. People will think of your business as an established, reputable and stable one. It also enhances your commitment in what you do. Building your own brand these are the components you must always keep in mind and do everything to reach them, if you want to be successful and earn anything. All the photos by Wanderlost Ross are marked with his logo and you must agree that it really enhances his credibility.

Photo by Wanderlost Ross

Putting your logo in all your social media accounts and website will help you promote your business, which will lead more potential customers to you and will increase your income. Visual components are more often remembered by people so there’re a lot of chances that using it in every, I mean literally every, situation you can, will be the easiest promotion of your photos and photography services. You can even change your personal profile photo into your photography business logo to get more recognition from friends (and their friends).

Photler’s social media accounts

Improves sales

Having in mind all of the previous benefits, we come to the one, which is a consequence of all of them. Being memorable, treated professionally and promoting yourself wisely, you’ll surely get some new clients — which means more money. Don’t rush anything , the process may take some time and it’s natural, everyone experiences that. Even Coca-Cola wasn’t successful on the first day 😉

Building your own brand as a photographer may seem tough and long-lasting, but you need to do it all, if you want to be successful. Fortunately, it’s a matter of following a step-by-step rule and the process may even be nice and fun. Making up a name, designing a logo and building a website are just a few first steps, but we’ll guide you through all of them nicely and easily 😉

Come back next week for even more info on logos in builiding your own business. You’ll learn:

  • how to create a great logo,
  • all the best practices of logo design,
  • the best logo generators.

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Originally published at on August 22, 2016.