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Today, we’re going through videos — a really popular trend among photographers, especially those travelling. Find out why you should start creating them, leave your doubts behind and… do it!

In the world of smartphones, tablets and fast data connections we’re surrounded by videos all the time and the Internet is full of it (not only on YouTube, look how Facebook not only gives the ability to upload them, but also enables live streams). It’s a really powerful tool, so it’s high time to learn how to take advantage of it.

In the first part of the article, you can find basic reasons why you should start creating videos and main principles of the creative process.

In the second part we included the most important video types you should make as a photographer:

Let’s see closer and begin (or continue) your adventure with videos!

Take a look at that benefits and tips…

The most important benefits are that a video makes your visitors stay longer on the website and that a bounce rate decreases noticeably. Uploading it on YouTube and then on your website gives you a great discoverability, as the service is second largest search engine in the Internet. Wonderful results from an easy tool, can it get better? 😉

You can also use a video in Facebook Ads. It’s quite a new tool, but it’s really helpful in increasing your reach and finding new followers (which means potential clients). With just a few dollars (set the pricing which suits you), catchy headline and tempting description, you can have an enormous increase of fans and clients.

If you want to engage your viewers, not bore them to death, keep your video short and concise, no matter the subject. It’s supposed to help you, not frighten them off and run to another photographer. Also, don’t ever make it vertical. Just don’t. Never ever. It’s simply the worst idea, you could come up with (unless you put it only on Snapchat, then you’re sin free).

It’s also really important to match music, pace, and content to your personality. It enables your viewers to learn what type of personality you are before you even meet. Working with people you get along is really important and a video is a great opportunity to present yourself.

Last, but not least — add your own brand logo in it, both at the beginning and in the end. As most of the people have a visual memory, you’ll be remembered by more people and there are bigger chances that they’ll come back to you.

Now, what type of a video can I create, you ask?

The answer is — any type. But there are some the most important ones, which will give you more benefits than others.

Show who you are

The “About me” video is one of the basics. It allows you to introduce yourself, tell your viewers and fans why you took up photography and why you love doing it. It’s your chance to present yourself and encourage people to work with you, as they can see what type of personality you’re and what kind of photos you take.

Simon Sinek, a leadership expert and books author, said something during his TedTalk that you should always remember:

What’s your purpose? What’s your cause? What’s your belief? Why does your org exist? Why you get out of the bed in the morning? And why should anyone care? (…) People don’t buy what you do, people buy WHY you do it.

And he was just completely right with everything he said there.

Show what you are about

You photos surely reflect the beauty of the places you’re in, but they lack your real-time and authentic reactions. Showing where you are and what are you up to with a video adds a special value to your message for your fans. Using a GoPro camera for that is great, but you can also use your standard camera or a video camera.

Make short clips and upload them to your website and social accounts, you can even do a Facebook Live now, which is a really awesome tool. Then you can put them together into a video story from your trip.

Take a look at this great video of Brendan van Son — nothing complicated, but it really keeps you watching until the end:

Show how you work

In the world of reality shows, from “Big Brother” to “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, with paparazzi following every celebrity, we are used to peeping at the lives of the others (not to mention social media, where we can see our friends’ holidays and lunches).

People have become nosy and you can use it as a magnet to your services. Create a video showing the behind the scenes of your photo session so that your viewers can learn your work ethic and style. It’ll bring you the clients who share your attitude towards photography.

Check out this amazing behind the scenes video of Leigh Righton Photography:

Show who you REALLY are — video business card

This is an awesome option for your business. What’s the better way to present your photography services than with your photos? Making a video from your photos! Show yourself, your team, your best shots. Add music which reflects your working style and even some captions to bring more attention.

Look how great it looks for Mike Allebach:

Makes you wanna have one, huh?

Show your skills and teach others

As a professional photographer you know some tips and tricks your fans have no idea about. They’ll love you even more if you create a video sharing some of them. Remember that you’re their inspiration or even a role model, so they’ll really appreciate that.

How-to videos are very popular and will also increase the traffic on your website. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, the easiest things are searched most often.

Check out this amazing tutorial about HDR Preset Expansion Pack from Trey Ratcliff:

Show a day of your life

Again the thing with nosiness. Your true fans will surely love this idea. Show them your everyday life — what do you have for breakfast, what’s your favourite café, what you pack for your next trip, how you find new destinations. And a very popular question lastly — how do you make money for all those journeys? 😉

Such a video will make you more credible as a photographer. I’d even say it’ll show your human side, kind of a proof that you’re no different than your viewers and fans, that they can also do what you do and achieve what you’ve achieved.

Living a life of travel photographer ain’t always easy — see a video with a day of Brendan‘s life, which we absolutely love:

Here you go! Wasn’t that bad, huh? Videos do a really amazing job for travel photographers, there’s no doubt. If you don’t feel like creating them, you can always ask someone you know. And even more, if you don’t want to or you’re too shy to show yourself in the first video, you can add only your voice. Or the other way round! There’re lots of possibilities. In time, you’ll get more familiar with them and you’ll love creating and appearing in them.

Don’t forget to share your own best videos in comments below!


Originally published at on August 1, 2016.