Last Day of the 2015 Telluride Neuromorphic Cognition Engineering Workshop

by Kan Li

Tobi Delbruck (INI)
Guido Zarrella (MITRE)
Sergio Davies (Manchester)
Christian Huyck (MDX)
Peter Hastings (DePaul)
Ritwik Kulkarni (MDX)
Eric Hunsberger (Waterloo)
Peter Diehl (INI)
Emre Neftci (UCI)
Ulrich Pomper (UCL)
Emily Graber (CCRMA)
Carina Graversen (Eriksholm)
Francisco Cervantes Constantino (UMD)
Sahar Akram (UMD)
Daniel Wong (LSP ENS)
Clean up, from left, Emily Graber (CCRMA), Luciana, Saeed Afshar (MARCS Institute), Peter Diehl (INI), Bruno Umbria Pedroni (UCSD), and David Reverter Valeiras (Institut de la Vision).
Fang Wang (NICTA)
Michael Pfeiffer (INI)
Francisco Barranco (UGR)
Zhaokang Chen (HKUST)
Daniel Mendat (JHU)
Kate Fischl (JHU) and Garrick Orchard (SINAPSE)
Michelle Collins (Georgia Tech)
Luca Longinotti (iniLabs)
Saeed Afshar (MARCS Institute)
Mark Wang (MARCS Institute)
Group leaders convene at the conclusion of the final presentations.
Brunch at the New Sheridan, left-to-right, Yi Chen (NTU Singapore), Mark Wang (MARCS Institute), Philip Tully (KTH), Zhaokang Chen (HKUST), Eric Hunsberger (Waterloo), and Luca Longinotti (iniLabs).
Staff members Diederik Paul Moeys (INI) and Jie (Jack) Zhang (JHU) deliver the T-shirts to the Telluride Elks Lodge #692.
From left, Mark Wang (MARCS Institute), Daniel Wong (LSP ENS), Philip Tully (KTH), and Ulrich Pomper (UCL) enjoy a nice conversation.
Kids corner, from left, Peter Hastings (DePaul), Jacqueline, John Arthur (IBM), Rodrigo Alvarez (IBM), and Andrew Cassidy (IBM).
Jacqueline and baby check out my T-shirt design.
Final Dinner
Enjoying dinner with Daniel Mendat (JHU), John Harris (UF), Zhaokang Chen (HKUST), Daniel Wong (LSP ENS), David Reverter Valeiras (Institut de la Vision), Ulrich Pomper (UCL), Peter Hastings (DePaul), and Diederik Paul Moeys (INI).
Yiannis Aloimonos (UMD) having a lively discussion on Greece with the participants.
Ceylan and Ralph.
Congrats to Fang Wang (NICTA) and Peter Diehl (INI) for winning the Best Neuromorph Award!
Shih-Chii Liu (INI) presents Fang Wang (NICTA) with a Snapper Hand!
Peter Diehl (INI) receives a light-up gyroscope!
John Harris (UF) wins the Career Award!
Ralph Etienne-Cummings (JHU) presents John Harris (UF) with a bear #selfie shirt!
Eric Hunsberger (Waterloo) receives the gold medal for the Sportsman Award, from Ralph Etienne-Cummings (JHU).
Jonathan Tapson (MARCS Institute) presents the Phenomenon of Neuromorphic Cognitive Overload, with the partial scorecard from Guido Zarrella (MITRE) shown on the screen.
Kate Fischl (JHU), right, reacts after becoming the Most Likely to Be Fooled by a Pretty Package person from the Tequila Party!
The 2015 Telluride Unfulfilled Dreamer Award goes to…
Ryad Benosman (Institut de la Vision)
Emily Graber (CCRMA) and Peter Hastings (DePaul) perform “Terrifying bear experience, WATCH OUT,” by the great poet Diederik Paul Moeys (INI).
Sergio Davies (Manchester), Best IT Admin.
Kate Fischl (JHU) and Ryad Benosman (Institut de la Vision), hosts of Nuromorf ShoppingTV, present the latest electronics & gadgets in nuromorfic [sic] cognition engineering.
Eric Hunsberger (Waterloo) reads the mind of Ralph Etienne-Cummings (JHU), using advanced real-time EEG decoding.
Eric Hunsberger (Waterloo) performs real-time EEG decoding on Andreas Andreou (JHU).
Michael Pfeiffer (INI) performs action recognition on Guido Zarrella (MITRE).
Ernst Niebur (JHU) competes for the Grand Challenge on Attention.
Pam White (INE) and Ryad Benosman (Institut de la Vision) are twins.
After the party, I was able to capture the infamous Clark’s Markets bear on camera.
And became a winner of Poker Night