Amazing Photo Editing Techniques you can use for your Business

Before knowing about photo editing techniques let me tell you something about what is photo editing and where is this used.

Photo editing is we can say not only changing of images, however it’s a technique used for shifting, modify, and altering of one or more images. These images can be of any type whether it’s a digital photograph, illustration, or photographs of film. Photo editing programs like Photoshop and Microsoft Paint are used by photo editing professionals.

In this article you’ll learn photo editing techniques which are very supportive for your business

The Image enhancement is an image processing technique used to remove noise, distortion, brighten or sharpen an image to make image more clear and visible for user.

Image Sharpening:

Image sharpening is an influential tool for highlighting. When done correctly, sharpening can improve superficial image quality even more so than upgrading to a high-end camera lens.

Using Unsharp Mask Filter:

It actually sharpens your image by uplifting the contrast along the image’s edges.

· Step 1

o Open up the image you want to optimize.

o Double-click the Zoom Tool to bring the image to 100%.

· Step 2

o Click on the background layer

o Convert to Smart Object


Color Balancing:

Color Balancing is used for removing unwanted color cast within an image. It can also be used to eliminate any color pattern you don’t like and replace it with other by increasing the saturation and increase the vibrancy.

· Click the Color Balance icon in the Adjustments panel.

· Choose Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Color Balance. Click OK in the New Layer dialog box.

Editing shapes and sizes:

Take some ordinary shapes and sizes and modify them according to your needs with the help of free transform tool.

· Use the Path Selection Tool to select one or more rectangles or rounded rectangles.

· To change the dimensions of the rectangle, type values in the W or H text boxes in the Properties panel or options bar.

· Change the placement of the rectangle

o Move the contents of the layer using the Move tool.

  • Drag the rectangle using the Path Selection tool.
  • In the Properties panel, type the pixel coordinates into the X and Y text boxes. is a photo editing company offering image retouching, enhancement, restoration, colorization, photo masking, clipping path, cutouts, stitching, etc from past 10 years for corporate and eCommerce clients in over 20 countries.