Photo Bomb

Everybody’s got a story.

This is hardly a news flash. You’ve heard them. You’ve told them. Some, you’ve heard so many times you can recite them word for word. Some stories are foundational, descriptive of the pieces and parts of your entire world view. Some are funny. Some are tragic.

Another cliche- a picture tells a thousand words. Every photograph has a story of its own. So, an idea. We take a picture at random. From a photo album, or from a hard drive, or one we’ve just snapped. Or maybe even a pic we’ve found on the interwebs that sparks something. And we tell a story connected to that picture. Light or heavy, heart lifting or heartbreaking, historical or trendy, big or small, it doesn’t matter.

One picture, one story. Photo Bomb. All stories lead somewhere. Let’s see where these go.

Jesus answered by telling a story.- Luke 10:30a

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