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Thanks for the comment. Glad my reading caught your eye.

However, I disagree. This event has now brought these groups (white nationalists, white supremacists, neo-Nazis) to the forefront of the conversation/ debate on how to “properly” deal with these people. Keep in mind that these people are those who would celebrate the end of my existence (and others) if they had things their way in their own utopias/ethnostates.

On the night before, 20+ people who were PEACEFULLY counter-protesting these groups were surrounded, harassed, beaten at UVA. The fascists were given free rein as the police stood by.

With these attacks, it has revealed the true intentions of some of these people to the world.

I know what you’re thinking.

Of course everyone will “move on” and things will go back to “normal”, but these events are now going to serve as a stain on Charlottesville’s history, as well as the reputation of these groups when it comes to their legitimacy and true message.

From the start, I knew what I was doing by attending. I knew that there was possibility that I would be a target. I think a lot of us expected violence from both sides.

Although, murder? Unacceptable.

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