Annapolis & water go together like movies & popcorn

This is the second part of a four-part mini-series on Annapolis, MD. We’ll be covering Historic Annapolis, Family Water Fun, Places to Eat and Places to Stay. Better yet, click on my photo up top and then click “Follow”, and you won’t miss a post.

Pictures of Annapolis historic home, boat steering wheel, breakfast food and hotel bed

Today we’re headed out to the water. Grab your innertube and come along.

Get out on the water

Many of Annapolis’ sites can be best appreciated from the water, so a boat tour is certainly in order if you have the time. An ideal way to spend a morning or afternoon is to self-captain yourself and your tribe around the Annapolis Harbor, the Spa Creek and/or the Back Creek. Check out Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals for easy to pilot Duffy electric boats.

Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals tied up and ready to go

Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals can be found at Chart House docks in Eastport

Three Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals

Pick from three different Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals

Booking reservations are recommended and can be done online. The 22-foot boats will comfortably accommodate up to 10 people on nicely padded seats. Food and adult beverages can be brought on board, but the captain may not drink alcohol while piloting the craft.

Greg Horne of Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals

Greg Horne (one of the owners) gave us a tour of Spa Creek

Easy to pilot electric boats from, Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals

For entertainment, the boat is equipped with a radio, cd player and hookup for iPhone/MP3 player. But remember, this isn’t a disco party. The beauty of these boats is how quiet they are, and how easily you can slide up next to waterfowl without spooking them.

Great Blue Heron on Spa Creek

The engine is so quiet it doesn’t spook this Great Blue Heron on Spa Creek

The boats are all covered with a canvas roof and plastic panels for windows, so you can sail rain or shine. We went out on the bay during late March while the temperatures were low and were quite comfortable inside.

Map of Spa Creek

Spa Creek is a popular route to explore in the electric boats

The boats aren’t your typical speedboat, so you’ll be quite happy if you’re looking for a leisurely, quiet ride on the beautiful waterways around Annapolis. Maps are provided for the most likely places you’ll want to explore.

Maritime history

To really appreciate Annapolis, it helps to understand how it got started.

Annapolis Maritime Museum

Annapolis Maritime Museum

Annapolis’ history as an oystering town is portrayed at the Annapolis Maritime Museum (723 Second Street.) The museum is actually in a historic oyster-packing plant — the last of its kind. A collection of boats and oyster tools and memorabilia explain the importance of this bivalve in the development of the city. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm. Admission is free.

An oyster boat at Annapolis Maritime Museum

An oyster boat — Miss Lonesome — with cutaway sections at the Annapolis Maritime Museum

Osprey on display at Annapolis Maritime Museum

Osprey on display

Famous Pearl brand Chesapeake Bay Oysters packed here

Famous Pearl brand Chesapeake Bay Oysters packed here by the millions.

Part museum and part nature park, the museum offers all sorts of programs during the summer months. The museum also has a large art gallery attached, where revolving shows of various artists are displayed.

The art gallery at Annapolis Maritime Museum

The art gallery at Annapolis Maritime Museum

April 28, 2018, from 3–5 pm, enjoy Earth Day by the Bay at the Back Creek Nature Park — a family friendly event with music by Guava Jelly. Enjoy kayak rides, relays, music, delicious “dirt” and more. Starting in June there will be weekly concerts. Check the schedule here or contact for more information.

Even more…

Family fishing adventure can be enjoyed on the 30-foot Sea Dragon, where families of all ages can learn to fish or to crab in the Chesapeake Bay. For more information about these 1–3/4 hour trips:

Can’t go home without a nautical souvenir, can we? Check out Annapolis Maritime Antiques at 128 Severn Avenue or North Sails Apparel at 110 Dock Street.

And, be sure to wander the City Dock (a.k.a. Ego Alley) area with great shopping, restaurants and more. If you love seeing expensive yachts, this is where you’ll find them.

Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Memorial

Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Memorial

Artwork at City Dock

Artwork at City Dock

Boat in Ego Alley

One of the large boats typically found in Ego Alley

Feeding the birds at City Dock

City Dock where there are always some waterfowl that love to be fed


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Disclosure: We were hosted on this trip by VisitAnnapolis; but, as always, impressions and opinions are strictly our own.

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