Fall Roadtrip 5 — Mount Hood and the Columbia River Gorge

Just about any road trip to the Pacific Northwest is bound to be beautiful, but there is a special aura around Mount Hood. Whether it’s the smell of the Douglas fir, the ponderosa pine or the western red cedar, or possibly the vivid colors of the bigleaf maple, your senses will certainly awaken this fall as you near the mountain.

While much of the video concentrates on the snow season, be aware that the mountain offers much to see and do in the fall — rivaling winter as the most scenic season. Get outdoors and enjoy all that fall has to offer.

To plan your trip, log on to www.hood-gorge.com and see if you can fit everything you’ll want to do into one vacation.

Ziplining at Mount Hood
Fishing in Columbia River Gorge
Whitewater rafting at Columbia River Gorge

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