Moon Palace Jamaica Grande — the perfect vacation for seniors

Moon Palace Jamaica Grande — Ocho Rios, Jamaica

An ideal, all-inclusive resort where you’ll enjoy the best weather, music and food in the Caribbean

Moon Palace Jamaica Grande

If you are looking for perfect weather, flavorful cuisine, smells of salt air, pristine white beaches and flowers everywhere, you’ll find it in Ocho Rios, Jamaica at the Moon Palace Jamaica Grande. This all-inclusive resort on the north shore, makes a perfect holiday with luxurious rooms, daily activities, local cuisine and international food choices in multiple relaxed settings.

Moon Palace Jamaica Grande sign
Gazebo facing the beach

Enjoy daily entertainment and activities for all ages. Relax by one of the many pools or the long, soft sand beach. Grab a paddle boat or a giant paddle trike and while away the hours in the breakwall-protected waters around the resort. Or just snooze away the day under a beach umbrella. The choices are endless. The relaxation is priceless. A retirement lifestyle you’ll love and the price is all-inclusive.

Water activities at Jamaica Grande
Water tricycle at Jamaica Grande

Why Jamaica?

Jamaica is famous for its climate — always warm without the extremes — generally around 80 degrees year round — a little cooler in the evenings. Tropical breezes are heavenly, and the smell of salt air has a rejuvenative effect whenever you’re near the water.

Clean beaches at Jamaica Grande

Flora abounds across the island. From the large Royal Palms to the smallest buds of the Blue Mahoe, the flowers and trees are a sight to behold. Jungle geraniums flourish everywhere and roses thrive in the island’s climate.

Flowers outside at Jamaica Grande

Blend in the smells of ginger, coffee roasting and Jamaican jerk on the bar-b-que, and you’ve found the site to stimulate all your senses.

[Did you know that 60% of the world’s medicinal herbs grow in Jamaica?]

Why Jamaica Grande?

With over 500 five-star ratings on Trip Advisor, it’s clear that people who come here, fall in love with it. The first tourists we met here were back for their 13th return trip! Celebrating a major milestone in their lives, they said there was no place they’d rather come.

Others we talked to stressed the food, the dining choices, the cleanliness of the resort, the spa, and the people. Every one of the staff, from front door to cleaning crew, were all genuinely pleasant and helpful.

Desserts at Moon Palace
Buffet line at Jamaica Grande

Surprisingly elegant, the Moon Palace Jamaica Grande is more akin to a palace, with marble floors and marble walls everywhere. High ceilings, interesting hanging light fixtures and tasteful decorating predominate. Comfortable seating abounds and whether you prefer to relax inside or out, you’re assured of finding that perfect place to catch up on the news or a good book. Wi-fi throughout means you can keep in touch with loved ones or download the latest movie or novel — in your room or around the pool.

Jamaica Grande guest room

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