The Edge Desk System — work anywhere anytime

The Edge Desk

The Edge Desk System

With the Edge Desk System, your office can now be anywhere. And when I say anywhere, I don’t just mean a great desk for the office or the basement, I mean you can set up an office in the park, across from your favorite waterfall, at your cabin, where ever. I can even set it up in the back of my Chrysler Town and Country to work while on the road — no — not while actually driving.

This self-contained office marvel is meant to store compactly, but pops up in as little as ten seconds and is ready to use whenever and where ever you need it. No tools, no tricks, just uniquely engineered levers and tabs. When you are done, it’ll stow under a bed, in a closet, in the trunk of your car, just about anywhere.

So how does it work?

When you take the desk out of the box, it’s already completely assembled. No following instructions, no tools needed. Simply remove the packing and follow the step by step instructions on the label applied to the desktop. (Peel the sticker off when you are done for a slick, smooth worksurface.)

The Edge Desk System

After a couple setups, it’s all very intuitive, and you’ll probably never refer to the instructions again.

The Edge Desk System

Simply, rotate the desktop to a 90° position with a little pull handle, then flip a lever to raise the main desk support to vertical, lift the seat to one of three height adjustments, then flip another lever to adjust the desktop angle, and use two locking levers to secure them both in place. That’s it. Desk and seat are ready for use.

The Edge Desk System
The Edge Desk System
The Edge Desk System

You won’t need to do it each time, but you can also change the height of the worksurface and the distance forward or back of the desktop whenever the situation warrants. Also, the worksurface can be spun vertically to make an easel surface for artists.

My only negative

While the desktop has multiple settings that enable it to tilt to a comfortable angle, I couldn’t find one that made it perfectly level. With the desktop being as slick as it was, that meant pencils or even pads might slide right off it left unattended. Simple fix turned out to be a little wood strip placed under the back feet of the frame, just enough to raise it a couple inches, then my laptop would stay safely secure on the desktop.

A wood strip solves the slipping probl

Other purchasers have mentioned warped tops, which the manufacturer has sent replacements for, but mine was perfectly fine.

[4–22–17 SEE UPDATE:]

For more information on the desk, check their Kickstarter Page or see their website:

Originally published at Doug Bardwell.