Three top picks for Mom (or Dad) from Kikkerland Design Inc.

One of the booths I most look forward to visiting each year at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago is the Kikkerland Design booth. They’ve been designing innovative and fun gadgets for home and kitchen since 1992.

kikkerland Fan, coffee dripper, stool

Found in museum stores, specialty shops as well as online through their website, Kikkerland products are fun to own, fun to use and make great gifts. You did remember that Mother’s Day is coming up in May didn’t you? In case you forgot, here are three products Moms could certainly use.

Collapsible Coffee Dripper CU160

Kikkerland Coffee Dripper

Just because you are spending time outdoors, doesn’t mean you need to give up that heavenly cup of pour-over coffee. If you’ve got a thermos of hot water, or better yet, a mini-stove, you can still make your favorite cup of Joe, with this handy, collapsible dripper.

Merely place a V-shaped paper filter in the dripper, add coffee, place atop your favorite cup and pour. When you are done, dispose of the paper filter and coffee, rinse and repeat. Fresh coffee anywhere.

Rhino II Folding Stool ZZ12-BK

Kikkerland Rhino II Folding Stool

We’ve all been there, unless you are 6-foot tall or better, there are things that are just hard to reach in the kitchen and/or garage. A simple small step stool is the answer, but where do you store it?

With the Rhino II folding stool, storage is not a problem. It folds flat in an instant and can be tucked anywhere you’ve got a spare 1–1/4”. Open, it measures 8.5 x 11 and is just a little more than 8” tall.

Mine is black and white, but they are available in four colorways — green, red, black and white.

USB Desk Fan US143-BK

Stuck to the desk doing homework, paying bills or finishing your latest Facebook post. If there’s no breeze and it’s warm in the room, life can get unpleasant — fast. What you need is a breeze. What you need is a USB powered fan that can go anywhere you do.

Kikkerland USB Powered fan

I’m loving this little fan from Kikkerland, that sits on my desk or my workbench and let’s me rotate it a full 360°. Tiny, yet quiet and powerful, it’s not a toy. It blows some serious air when I need it most.

At my desk, I’ve got plenty of USB ports available, but it also works from my many portable USB power packs, so I can set it anywhere — inside or out. Once you’ve got one, you might want to get another. You’ll find you hate to be without it come summer.

But there’s more:

See last year’s review of their Trio of Red, White and Blue Summer Fun. Or see the review of the Rhino II’s big brother in No Boundaries Magazine.

Have you bought Kikkerland products for yourself or others? Share your favorites with us in the comment section below.

Disclosure: Kikkerland provided us with samples of each to evaluate for this article.

Originally published at Doug Bardwell.

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