UKYS lets you be your own tailor

Looking for a last minute gift idea? How about a custom-tailored shirt — but without the hassle of getting measured and costing a fortune. Measure yourself perfectly — with no hands. How’s that you ask?


UKYS has devised a system to do your measurements via simple cellphone images. I know, it’s hard to believe, but I just tried it and was amazed.

UKYS Custom measured shirts by your cellphone

You can download the UKYS app for iPhone or iPad and it takes only minutes to do your self-measurement.

UKYS custom fit shirts

First, the app explains the whole process, and you can do your measurements and select your shirts before inserting any payment information.

Basically, you’ll need a 10’ clear space to take your photos, making sure nothing is between you and your phone. A screen will guide you to lean your phone against the wall at one end of the room. After that, measure exactly 10 back and put a pop or water bottle at the 10’ spot. You’ll keep your legs centered over the bottle as you turn around — 90° at a time.

Everything is announced out load via the app, so you can do your measuring from across the room in total privacy. Also, their face masking technology blocks your image, so no one sees who is actually doing the ordering.

When you are ready to begin, simply press “start” and go stand over the bottle you placed on the floor. The app will guide you through the entire process.

Lots of choices

There are so many great looking fabrics, the most difficult part of the entire operation is deciding which you want. There are also options for various collars, cuffs, trim, and pockets or not.


The one I selected was a light blue Oxford cloth that looked nice in their illustration, but looks even better in person. The material looks very durable and feels wonderfully rich. The shirt comes with a pair of collar ties.


And it’s quick!!! I ordered my first shirt on December 8, and by December 17th it was on my doorstep. Pretty incredible that those shirt makers in Ho Chi Minh could have it done so fast that it arrived across the pond in less than two weeks.


The shirt fit great and is wonderfully comfortable. My only complaint, and not really a complaint, is that the collar is just a tad loose. If I was wearing a tie daily, I would have probably wanted it a half to one-inch smaller. Other than that, it’s perfect, and I love it.

Per their CEO

“It’s time for all men to experience what fitted clothing does for your outward appearance and your inner confidence. The cost of custom-made menswear is often prohibitive and visiting a tailor comes along with tons of hassles. These drawbacks were the inspiration behind the UKYS app, which takes your full measurements using the iPhone’s built-in camera, and lets you order a custom shirt in less than five minutes. UKYS app finally makes it possible for men everywhere to be able to dress their best, “ explains UKYS Co-Founder/CEO, Pauline Tran.

Check out their Kickstarter for some savings — they do nice work.


Disclosure: UKYS provided the shirt for me to be able to do this review. Opinions however are always our own.

Originally published at Doug Bardwell.