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Jun 8, 2017 · 4 min read

I recently became aware of a technique called the “camera toss” which is exactly what it sounds like — throwing your camera into the air and capturing an image using the self-timer. When coupled with a light source it produces some great abstract results, I wouldn’t use your brand new 5D for this — rather its suited to a point and shoot or maybe a camera phone …

Kinetic photography (kinetic meaning “caused by motion” is an experimental photographic technique in which the photographer uses movement resulting from physics to create an image. This typically involves the artist not directly holding the camera, but allowing the camera to react to forces applied to it in order to make a photograph. This can include, but is not limited to; holding and shaking the wrist strap of the camera while taking a picture, dropping the camera off of objects while taking a picture, throwing or spinning the camera up in the air while taking a picture (called a camera toss).

So today let’s take a look at some great examples of this type of photography. Here’s 25 of the best taken from Flickr.


wormhole by clickykbd


dcfc0016 by clarkk

singular essentials: 01

singular essentials: 01 by clickykbd

Camera tossing

Camera tossing by williamcho

Echoes! [EXPLORED]

Echoes! [EXPLORED] by Chínmay

Light Graffiti Spun

Light Graffiti Spun by jah~

Kinetic 1042

Kinetic 1042 by mtnrockdhh

Orange and white

Orange and white by davespilbrow

Light Coke

Light Coke by Breno Peck

camera toss meets amazing circle

camera toss meets amazing circle by clickykbd

5 Golden Rings

5 Golden Rings by Beer30

Checkers! [EXPLORED]

Checkers! [EXPLORED] by Chínmay

Funky necklaces of the night (formerly Tornadic hues)

Funky necklaces of the night (formerly Tornadic hues) by jah~


Spirograph by quinet

fruit loops #29

fruit loops #29 by clickykbd

warp jump

warp jump by clickykbd

Smooth n Crunchy (cube/tube)

Smooth n Crunchy (cube/tube) by jah~


Untitled by davespilbrow

C’mon, let’s go for a Christmas spin!

C’mon, let’s go for a Christmas spin! by jah~

window in time

window in time by clickykbd


Concussion by zogecko


Flux by sami_sey

crescendo in the hue of blue #19

crescendo in the hue of blue #19 by clickykbd


Hypnotized! by Chínmay

Thai camera toss 1

Thai camera toss 1 by quinet

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