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NIkon’s Newest Semi-pro APS-C Camera, D500

Nikon introduced the D500 win January with its full-framed brother the D5. The D500 features Nikons popular DX crop sensor. Nikon’s last semi-pro APS-C was almost 7 years ago with the introduction of the D300, however it looks like the D500 has been worth the wait in Gold.

Nikon has used the same autofocus sensor in the D5 and D500, thus given the latter an almost 100% phase-detect autofocus coverage in an APS-C body. Not only that the Nikon D500 can shoot up to 200 raw files continuously with a XQD memory card.

Through in all the latest technical add-ons like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, and Nikons latest Snap Bridge tech, 4k video, tilting and touch screen and you have a nice new contender for APS-C bodies. Albeit the Nikon D500 comes with one of the highest prices tags at nearly $2,000, It is definitely worth a look.

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The D500’s Competition

The Nikon D500 does have some stiff competition though. Even though we all know I have always been a Nikon shooter, when we get into price ranges this high there are several options we can look at. The closest APS-C body to this one is the Canon 7d Mark ii. The Nikon edges it out on a couple specs but they are very closely related.

Again at this price range you can pick up a full-framed D750 body, granted it doesn’t have 4k video but you get a professional full frame sensor body for the same price.

Lastly with prices this high you can also start looking at some serious Mirror less DSLR cameras too. Either Full frame Mirror less or crop sensor there are several to choose from.

  1. The Sony A7 and A7r
  2. The Olympus OM-D M5
  3. The Panasonic GH4

I guess what I am trying to say is make sure you know what your needs are before you jump into spending over $1500 for a new camera body, because when we get into prices this high there are a lot of options to choose from.

Nikon D500 Sample Photos

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