Memory Techniques for Studying — How to study more effectively

Welcome to MooMooMath and Science and day 3 of our tiny steps study challenge Today we will be introducing a couple of memory tips that can help you memorize more effectively. Memory masters like Ron White use techniques to memorize an amazing amount of information. For example he can memorize a deck of cards in less than 2 minutes. One technique all memory masters use is to visualize what they are trying to memorize Many students are familiar with mnemonic devices such as ROY G BIV for colors However, there are many more memory techniques I would like to introduce two techniques and you can use to memorize material in almost any class. One is called body stations and the other is called the journey technique. I will leave links to several videos that cover mnemonic devices Below if you would like to review that memory technique We will memorize the following random list Dog Watermelon Bananas Chips Computer The body station works like this You have 10 body stations from the top of the head to your shoes The stations are top head,eyes,nose,mouth,chin,throat,chest,stomach,knees feet You can use the same stations each time.

You visualize the object at each station For example, I visualize the dog on my head, my eyes look like watermelons, The crazier what I visualize the better. You continue this for each object. Go from the top of your body to the bottom. If you have more that 10 items you can repeat at the top of your head. Take a moment and memorize this short list using body stations Now we will memorize the same list but backward Computer,chips,bananas,watermelon,dog This time we will use the journey method What you do is use a journey you are familiar with. It can be a short journey From bedroom to kitchen I follow the same path from my car to my classroom every day. You identify 10 locations on the journey and visualize the object at the location.

For example, my journey starts in the parking lot I visualize my computer in my bag, My next stop is the school secretary desk. I visualize a bag of chips with a cat eating them. You continue this for each item. Remember the more extreme the better You can use the same journey for multiple topics Go ahead and try to technique out. At school, if you have to memorize lists or people, or objects you can use one of this technique Remember to check the video notes for important information and additional resources.

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