Learning Method: How an autodidact learns.

I’ve always asked questions, then made my own instructional materials. That’s how an autodidact learns.

I work a possible way of doing it, the one that comes to mind first, then I work out all or many possible ways of doing it, this I learn which approach is best suited to my wants or needs.

I suppose that is where my toys, my oomocha, come from, building out each way I think it’s possible to be done and trying them. It’s part of my learning method.

I can see a kind of learning method or manifesto, emerging from an examination of how I learn.

The pattern is similar to what is called project based learning. I don’t know why everything has to be given a name and thus separated from ever other practice.

It’s not as if it stands alone, it can be described as project base, but the learner is creating the projects themselves, not being assigned them. It’s a project only in that it has a focused goal.

Is there a good way to facilitate or capture how I learn using technology?

The first obstacle will be convincing people that you can’t make up canned projects and then have students carry them out. That’s what Project Based Learning advocates. All my projects were my own, I wanted to do something, learned how to do it through making a project. I believe that is crucial to actual learning.

I read about waveforms produced by musical instruments. I had a computer. I wanted to visualize these waveforms and their harmonics. I got out an old book intended for mechanical engineers, which had an equation for the motion of a wheel or cyclic process like a steam engine. It had a cosine sine solution to describe the circular motion as a wave. I took this and wrote a program that made the same calculation. I added in code for harmonics.

This was a project that had a motivation and goal arising from my own interests and curiosity (and it was cool, gave me control over my subject of music), used resources that I discovered on my own, to write a program. I drew upon coding that I leaned from copying and experience.

There must be some kind of framework to support this. Although there wasn’t one for me.