Why Photographers Don’t Get Modern Art
John Raymond Mireles

When someone pays $4.3 million for an image, it bodes well for all of us. I’m hoping to sell my work. But, I don’t see inspiration in ‘Supply & Demand’ and other similar works. It’s great that people buy them, but they just don’t move me to want to create anything. Like most photographers, my inspiration comes from other photographers, Jazz musicians, and painters like Claude Monet (and let’s not forget light itself.) The works of Andy Warhol in the gallery of Crystal Bridges just have no appeal for me. My usual question/comment about this art isn’t “I could have done that.” because clearly, I didn’t. My question is usually, “Why?” I have no desire to inquire further. But, then that was Warhol’s usual intent for the viewer, bewilderment (in my humble opinion.)

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