Content marketing template for busy startup founders!

I don’t doubt that content marketing is a powerful tool for startups. Today 89% of all startups are using content marketing as part of their growth strategy. With so many companies taking it seriously, so should you.

But you’re busy. Really busy. You’re trying to grow a business, build a team, fundraise and create an awesome product. You don’t have time to blog. Most startup founders I speak to mention that they aren’t using content marketing simply because they lack time. So how do we turn this adversity into an opportunity ? The answer is outsource simply because content creation is a specialists job involving writers, editors, designers, photographers and filmmakers. Having said that there is still some level of work required from the founder or the team to work closely with the outsourced team.

Yes we hear you! How do you get started ? This content marketing template will help a busy founder to create a content workflow.

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