Best Designs In Demand For An Indian Wedding Card

Indian Wedding Card

Statistically, more than 50,000 couples in India tie their wedding knots in the winter months. The wedding industry has a huge scale economical importance on the country’s net business turnover. Over the years this industry has evolved itself to be better and better. An estimation of Rs 1, 90,000 crore turnovers has been calculated to be occurring at an annual basis and the number is ever increasing.

Demanding designs prevalent currently for an Indian wedding card are as follows

Bejewel Embellished Cards — The traditional card old styles are now no longer popular. Even if people want to go for traditional cards they prefer adding creative modern formal look to it as well. An ideal glamorous card studded with precious jewels and stones are the best way to show how much one can spend on a wedding. Some of these embellished wedding cards are studded with crystals or stones in sync with the attire of the bride.

Many ornate Indian wedding cards also reflect the cultural heritage of India and jewels and stones made based on designs of Lord Ganesha, shehnai, peacocks etc are used. These priceless cards have given no boundaries to showcase their creativity. Couples within and outside the country loves spending on such grand card designs.

Scroll royal Indian wedding cards — Another way to flaunt the best Indian wedding card is to go for the royal scroll styled ones. Not only are they extremely sophisticated but also royal and classy in nature. It is also termed as a Farman. These use high quality papers which add to its magnificence.

The various paper qualities used in scroll Indian wedding cards are handmade, silk, satin, velvet etc. The vibrant wedding colors are used which further enhances the look of the fabric. Although costing high on the pocket these are ideal to keep up your personal style.

Various inserts added to wedding cards in India increase convenient

Along with the formal wedding card invite one can also add make cards for the engagement which usually occurs before a wedding takes place. However it is given to only those guests whom one wishes to invite.

An invitation insert is also made for various other wedding ceremonies associated with the main event. These are mehendi, sangeet and many more. Individuals can go for an end number of rituals and ceremonies to have a grand wedding feel.

An insert for map or direction is added.

A RSVP insert is also very popular.

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