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Wedding cards are extremely important part of any wedding preparation. The sheer vastness of our collection of Indian wedding cards designs are enough to make the marriage event fun, frolic and memorable. The exquisite collection bustles with the energy that is associated with a wedding. Apart from the usual traditional designs, there are contemporary designs as well, everything crafted according to your taste. The intricate detailing and the excellent craftsmanship make the wedding cards worth preserving for decades. We supply wedding cards all over the world.

The Indian wedding card designs — a Quick Look

Indian tradition depicting art and artistic skills often finds a place in the Indian wedding cards, giving it a traditional yet classy feel. Marriage invitations with exclusive artistic work are made in perfect contrast using the most attractive natural shades. Some common designs famous in the modern day scenario are-

Warli Art –

Traditional art is highly appreciated by the modern generation, and is being lapped up heavily. This might be one of the reasons for the return of the tribal Warli art back into the fashion industry.One might even come across Warli arton the modern day wedding cards designs in India and pattern.
Paisley Design –Commonly known as the mango pattern, simple yet classy paisley designs are found the most in the modern day Indian wedding card. The bright shades that they reflect right from the first look and the beautiful authentic design automatically gives the card a look of festivity and cheers up the mood.

Floral Patterns — Flowers are considered auspicious and when it is an occasion as auspicious as a marriage, how can one miss the floral patterns. Obviously, for occasions like marriages, a floral pattern on the wedding cards is completely logical. There are thousands of floral designs to choose from for the wedding card designs in India, each adding their own beauty. The contrasting colors are really attractive and hold your attention for a long time.

Asymmetric Patterns –This is the most contemporary approach when it comes to choosing designs for the wedding cards. The modern day youth prefers asymmetric art over symmetric art and these find a place on modern marriage invitation cards as well, and are well appreciated by everyone.

The Wedding Card designs in India- An Overview on the look

There is a great amount of diversity among people in our country. They may belong to different religions, different cultural backgrounds and speak different languages also. However, the designs mentioned above have a universal feel that appeal to each and every one that sees them. The multiple options available give one the freedom to choose the design according to his whims. People might also use the images of the deities they worship, or some religious symbol on the Indian wedding card designs, in accordance to their religious beliefs. These are regarded to bless the newlywed couple and fill their life with happiness forever.

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