Hacking Strip Payments To Use In Any Country…

Hi there, is still working as of 30 August 2017? Also if it is, what I don’t understand is, when you provide a physical location (in this case a P.O. Box USA address), surely they have to send a physical card to this address before they will verify you an online US bank account? (with routing no’s etc)…. I am in the UK & have 2 Payoneer pre-paid debit cards but unfortunately they do not come with a routing number etc, because of the very reason you said above i.e., its treated like a local card. The reason I mention what I have is because I tried to do this with NetSpend card, I gave a USA P.O. Box number address but of course I couldn’t pick it up from there! So I could not get it activated & therefore could also not get the elusive USA bank account details, routing number etc. The only way I can do that is by going to the US! — — so am wondering, did you pay for a forwarding mail service from the US so that the card would be forwarded to your own country? If so, what sort of costs are involved? Is there any particular company you would recommend? — — I was able to work round most of what was required, but couldn’t work around that particular problem (with NetSpend, as I needed the card to activate the account & of course I couldn’t activate it as I had given a US address that I didn’t have access too, as I thought maybe the routing no etc would be provided online whilst waiting for card to arrive in post, but it wasn’t!) — also as I have 2 Payoneer cards already (in the UK) will they still accept another application from the same person, ID that I provided before. It might look dodgy/odd?! — — I already have a verified Stripe account, it would be really handy to have US banking details to bolt to it! P.S. perhaps with Payoneer you did not need the physical card & didn’t care it went to a US P.O.Box number as perhaps Payoneer gave you the routing numbers etc etc… unlike NetSpend) — anyway sorry for long post, but any clarity would be HUGELY appreciated. (I’ve been looking for this solution for some time).

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