Out in the United States: Where Can I Live?
Gloria DiFulvio

You COMPLETELY ignore the fact that Orlando attack was a terror attack based on religion ideology of Islam more than it was a crime against gays & lesbians.

But we have to be PC, right?

True, there are many restrictions on gays in the US, far more than many other industrial nations. However, change sometimes happens slower than we would like to. Evolution does take time.

The rights of gays and lesbians in the US is far better than it was even 10 years ago. Yes, again, most of the industrial world (even England who was vicious toward gays) is way ahead but the US is still going in the right direction.

Again, the massacre in Orlando although targeted gays and lesbians WAS NOT a true anti-gay crime, it was a terror attack. If it wasn’t this bar, this hooligan would have sprayed another location with bullets.

The US should look north to see how things should be done. We in Canada are not yet perfect (nor will we ever be) but there are many issues mentioned here that you can learn from us.


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