The new PhotoshopCC2018, ACR10.0 is out, now tell you to update

On October 17th, Adobe finally released the new Photoshop CC 2018, Camera Raw10.0 and Lightroom CC, all of which have been upgraded in every aspect.

As soon as this news came out, many of the friends had blown up the day and ran to various updates, but few people went to see the official feature introduction video!

Today, we followed the photographer Headbang to find out what features adobe2018 has updated. Let’s see if it is suitable for updating.


ACR brightness color mask

This major update of Camera Raw10.0, color and brightness masks represent that ACR is no longer a tool that cannot be precisely selected. You can automatically identify the difference in brightness or the difference in color to create a mask in the picture, to make a detailed Small range adjustment.


360 degree panorama photo editing

In Photoshop’s 3D workspace we can edit and adjust 360-degree panoramic photos, using any smudge-like tools to modify the elements in the image.


Curvature pen tool

The Cursor Pen tool is already available in Ai, and this update was introduced in Photoshop. Curvature pen tool is much more efficient than ordinary pen when creating a path. This is definitely a gospel. You only need to click drag or double click, etc., or even get rid of keyboard shortcuts.


Brush preset management

With the new brush preset management, you can create groups for management in the brush preset panel, and you don’t have to worry about too many presets for the brush.


Improve the “Select and Block” feature

The “Select and Cover” feature has been further enhanced, and the selection can be more precise. Friends who are familiar with this tool know that it will be less stable in 2017 or earlier, and sometimes it will be very inaccurate. This should also be updated by Adobe after receiving feedback from relevant users.


Variable font

The new variable font has several sliders of width and height, and it is better to modify the font.


Learning panel

A lot of course content from Adobe is added to the learning panel. You can follow the tips in Ps to learn how to modify the photos step by step.

I think this update is quite satisfactory. The most important thing for photographers is ACR’s new mask, PS curvature pen and the function of selecting and hiding. You can choose to update it.