Instagram is a social media website that have a focus on sharing photo and video. Just like any social media websites you can find, Instagram have privacy setting that turn your account into private instagram profile. Only the people who are approved are allowed to view these profile. However, you can bypass this by using private instagram viewer. There are instagram profile viewer that let you by pass this restriction. They are known as instagram private profile viewer. These instagram private account viewer can be found online.

Instagram standing out from other social media websites by focusing on sharing photo and video. This mean instagram can have a lot of pretty pictures. As always, there are pictures or videos that you don’t want everyone to see it, but only a selected few. This is the reasons why instagram have privacy setting. This setting will turn your account into a private instagram account. Once you done this, no one can see your profile anymore, but only a chosen few can see it. These people need to be approved by you. There are a few ways to bypass this setting and view private instagram profiles.

The methods you can use to view private instagram account are separated into two types. Legitimate and illegitimate. Legitimate methods don’t require private instagram viewer. And illegitimate mods need them.

The first legitimate method is to ask the account owner to approve you. This method doesn’t need any third party tools like private instagram viewer to do. But this response from the account owner. So it is not a guaranteed method. The good things about it is that you don’t need a instagram private account viewer and it is the legitimate way to do this.

The second method is a bit less legitimate than the first. You ask approval from the account own. But you don’t do it directly but via a proxy or alternative instagram account. Like the first method, you don’t need instagram private account viewer. But it suffers the same shortcoming. The account owner can refuse you or revoke your permission.

By extensive there another way that do not require instagram private profile viewer to view private profile. You can do this by borrowing your friend account which have the desired instagram followed. If caught this method suffer exactly as the first two methods.

You can use instagram profile viewer to view any desired instagram. This method is a bit different from Instagram private profile viewer. Some instagram profile viewer are pretty much a fancy way to browse instagram. So it is can be unreliable. But it is less risky when compared to using instagram private profile viewer.

Using instagram private profile viewer is a bit more reliable than just instagram viewer. Because some of these tools let you actually browse a private instagram profile. As stated above, this method is a bit riskier. Due to many instagram private account viewer require an instagram account. However, you can avoid this by using alternative one.