Features that Portray Concrete5 as a Dependable CMS Platform

CMS platforms are meant for providing a set of administration and authoring tools which, makes it easy for users to facilitate development and management of contents without requiring such prior knowledge of markup languages or web programming. With a myriad of options available in the market, often people get confused while choosing the right CMS platform. Considering the fact, here you would like to emphasize on the advantageous aspects of Concrete5, one of the most powerful CMS platforms available in the market.


Concrete5 is considered to be extremely easy to setup and use. You might not even require any type of documentation and once, you get pretty familiar with it, this platform can become one of the most easy-to-use software which, can be deployed for developing the website.

Flexibility and Customization

This platform is certainly customizable which, doesn’t ask users to tweak and thereafter, customize every setting. Alike WordPress, it aims to make a fair deal of abstraction thereby, providing with ample scope of customization. This CMS is intended to be used for a particular niche of various types of mainstream websites, irrespective of how much customization and tweaking you perform, it won’t completely downgrade itself to the functioning of non-mainstream websites such as photography sites or video blogs. It offers a series of options to edit appearance of the website, thereby ensuring extensive flexibility.

Convenient File Manager

Typically, files being uploaded to the website needs to be subdivided into folders. Instead of the folders, Concrete5 unites all the files into groups. Furthermore, a single file can be included in various different groups at the same point of time.

High Loading Speed

The well-developed caching tools rapidly increases the site speed. This CMS platform will allow you to configure the module caching and full caching as well.

Integrated Page Version Control

It stores each version of the edited pages. In case, anything goes wrong, you will be able to return to previous version of the page.

Community and Documentation

Worth of any CMS platform gets mostly measured by affection which, it achieves from its users. Adhering this fact, Concrete5 owns a loyal users base and community. To get started, you have the chat sessions, forums and newsletters as well. The forums are all active which, makes you ensured to get help at any point of time regarding any type of issue relating to Concrete5 web development and maintenance. Moreover, while facing any trouble, you don’t need to feel panicked. The documentation contains a series of guides and crucial tips for developers and editors alike. Similar to these, the code submission mechanism and bug tracker is also quite agile as well.

Final word

This CMS platform is considered to be an extremely powerful system, provided, if you are able to deploy its high-end features rightly. With its bespoke functionality to deliver, it can serve you to fulfill the most complex development objectives as well. Thus, rely on hands of an experienced Concrete5 developer to facilitate flawless and effective web development.