The Powerful Eicra CMS Version 3.0.0 is releasing very soon

The development of version 3 was begun with some certain goals. We were ambitious about our CMS future prospect and we have reached at the top of height with the best Eicra CMS version 3.0.0.

User Interface

The most unfathomable alter is obviously the new UI appearance; in any case it is far beyond only another look. The point was to make an awesome user experience, as well as the most easy to use, cross program and stage perfect, designer available customer zone offered by any web host charging stage.


The genuine advantage of the new frontend will be seen through the force of how modules can shape the client experience. Be that as it may, Version 3.0.0 is about a great deal more than only another FrontEnd. This is an enormous arrangement for us.

It denote the finish of a year of diligent work, with significant off camera interest in new advancements and new code, setting the stage for us to increase and keep conveying a continually enhancing nature of item to our clients at a considerably more quick pace. I will touch on only a couple of these here.


Next on the rundown was future getting ready for the censure of PHP’s unique MySQL capacities, and on account of that, we settled on the choice to focus on utilizing Models. This makes connecting with the database much simpler, and will tremendously disentangle working with the CMS backend database in additional items, custom reports, and numerous different ways.

Simple to Use and Customize

Utilization to take accounts the API and alters your application to your precise details. Exploit a great many demos with source code, exhaustive documentation and VS formats.

To wrap things up, we’ve likewise rolled out a great deal of inner improvements in the Eicra workplaces, both to our backend frameworks, inside association and work process, our testing foundation, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, incorporating a noteworthy increment in the scope and changes of our robotized UI, API, and unit tests.

As I began by saying, Version 3.0.0 is not far away at this point. Make sure to watch out for our site and online networking accounts. Furthermore, in the event that you aren’t on our mailing list, subscribe here to be among the first to catch wind of it.