The Spirit of Realtor; Eicra Real Estate Script Version 3.0.0 is Releasing Quickly

The advancement of form 3 was started with some specific objectives. We were driven about our CMS future prospect and we have come to at the highest point where realtor experiences the best Real Estate Script version 3.0.0.

Client Interface

The first great adjust is clearly the new UI appearance; regardless it is a long ways past just another look. The fact of the matter was to make an amazing client satisfaction, and in addition the most simple to utilize, cross program and arrange impeccable, fashioner accessible client zone offered by any web host charging stage.


The real point of interest of the new frontend will be seen through the power of how modules can shape the customer experience. In any case, Version 3.0.0 is around significantly more than just another FrontEnd. This is a enormous course of action for us.

It mean the completion of a year of constant work, with critical off camera enthusiasm for new progressions and new code, setting the stage for us to increment and continue passing on a persistently improving nature of thing to our customers at an impressively all the more speedy pace. I will touch on just two or three these here.


The database gets much less difficult, and will colossally unravel working with the CMS backend database in extra things, custom reports, and various distinctive ways.

To wrap things up, we’ve similarly revealed a lot of inward upgrades in the Eicra working environments, both to our backend systems, inside affiliation and work handle, our testing establishment, and that is just the tip of the chunk of ice, joining a huge augmentation in the degree and changes of our robotised UI, API, and unit tests.

As I started by saying, Real Estate Script Version 3.0.0 is not far away right now. Make a point to keep an eye out for our website and internet organizing accounts. Besides, if you aren't on our mailing list, subscribe here to be among the first to find out about it.