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Get to know the most prominent features of the FormatJS library, and follow this step-by-step tutorial to see how they work in practice for React i18n.

Library requirements

Keep your Mithril SPA lean with a tiny, bespoke i18n library.

Get a glimpse of the most prominent features of the CultureInfo class and how to use it for internationalizing .NET applications.

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Tips and best practices for internationalizing server responses in Android apps.

Want to learn how to create a custom model binder in a .NET application to bind a custom date format? Let’s go through the process step by step with a demo app that uses .NET for the Web API and Angular as the UI framework.

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Get to know all the steps to implement internationalization in Tornado, a powerful framework and asynchronous networking library for serving web applications in Python.

Google’s open-source libphonenumber library is great for parsing, formatting, and validating international phone numbers. Here’s how to use the library’s JavaScript version in your multilingual web applications.

When working on localization strategies, you always want to deliver the best possible experience for your global users. With a full-stack JavaScript platform in place, you have the possibility to use resources more flexibly and efficiently. Explore some efficient implementation solutions for full-stack JavaScript i18n in this guide.
  1. Handling the frontend part, which requires unique skills and techniques to offer the greatest user engagement and UI experience
  2. Handling the backend part that preserves all the valuable information and provides the services for the clients.

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