Getting buy-in for software localization in an organization takes hard work. Learn how to define a strong localization strategy and convince stakeholders in 5 key steps that localization is a worthwhile investment.
Developing a web app for global markets in web2py? Follow this step-by-step tutorial to implement multilingual support with web2py’s built-in internationalization and pluralization engine.
The ultimate list of best practices for developers to create global software: Learn how to write code that is localizable from the start and avoid mistakes that can put your software localization efforts at risk.

You’ve started researching on how to take your app global and stumbled on terms like “software internationalization” and “software localization” but can’t differentiate between them. Fear not: In this guide, you’ll learn what both terms mean, and why you shouldn’t use them synonymously.

A step-by-step guide to implementing multilingual support for your custom games in Godot.
Relying on Phrase for software localization isn’t just about efficiency and cost savings — it’s also about ensuring translation quality and a seamless UX across cultures. Here’s what customers love about Phrase.
When can a development team consider software internationalization finished? Our ultimate list of best practices can help you find your own definition of done (DoD).
Want to build a multilingual web application with the Falcon web framework for Python? Follow this step-by-step tutorial to implement it painlessly with Babel and Jinja2.


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