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Does your app have the potential to impact millions of people worldwide? Make sure it can reach as many as possible with these best practices for Android app internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n).

Internationalization (i18n) isn’t a topic that gets as much love as the new ViewPager2 or advanced Kotlin features. However, when it comes to your app reaching as many people as possible worldwide, not having it available in multiple languages and adapted to different regions is often a missed opportunity.

Imagine, for example, your app is doing well in Germany. At the same time, you see a huge…

Do you want to efficiently localize your web or mobile app? Discover how to automate your workflows, reduce translation costs, and improve quality sustainably with Phrase.

If you want your software to gain a foothold in foreign markets, localizing your web or mobile app is crucial. At the same time, to optimize your globalization efforts, you should devise cost reduction strategies that will allow you to stay competitive without compromising on quality.

Quality of source material, word count, turnaround times, or localization workflows — there are a number of elements that could impact your translation budget. Read on to learn how a software localization platform like Phrase facilitates the efficient processes and tools that will help you get better localization results while reducing the associated costs.

Plan every stage of your translation project

Want to localize form validation error messages in a Blazor WebAssembly app? Follow this guide to learn everything you need to know.

In this guide, we will learn how to localize form validation error messages in a Blazor WebAssembly app. We will create a sample form to accept employee data. We will serve our app in two languages: English and French. We will allow the user to select the locale of the app using a drop-down list.

🗒 Note » To get the source code for the demo app, make sure you stop by at GitHub to pick up the complete source code.


There are two ways of working on a Blazor app:

  • Using .NET Core CLI and Visual Studio Code (preferred…
So, you’re getting pretty good at managing your website localization, but when it comes to dealing with local SEO, have you got it all figured out?

Whenever you roll out a different language version of your website without taking care of local SEO, you literally shoot yourself in the foot. Failing to consider local keywords, backlinks, and social media costs you valuable site visitors. You invest a lot of marketing budget in reaching out to new customers but fail to get eyes on your website — all your efforts are in vain.

Is it possible to compete as a foreigner in a foreign country? Of course, it is! You just have to be better than the competition — and with close to 2 billion websites out…

With iOS 12, Apple introduced Siri Shortcuts, a new way to quickly complete your daily task via a shortcut. From a simple tap or by asking Siri, mobile users can execute any quick actions available to Siri and chain them for a more complex flow. Learn how to create localized Siri Shortcuts for your app target markets.

As Apple mobile device users, we can use and create new shortcuts based on actions available in the Shortcuts app. Those shortcuts are based on apps already installed on the device. Each shortcut can be really useful on its own, but when chained together, it becomes an even more powerful tool.

For instance, we can create a “Tweet GIF” shortcut from a photo in your library, transform it into the GIF format, and then tweet it via the Tweeter app.

From there, this new shortcut will be available as a simple action in the Shortcut gallery but also through command…

To unlock the full potential of your Android app on a global scale, you need to make it localization-ready from the very start. Follow these best practices for internationalizing Android apps built with Jetpack Compose.

Thanks to Google Play Console, Android developers are able to distribute their apps worldwide in no time. However, many users aren’t (native) English speakers. In fact, English makes only 25.9% of the global internet user base. This, essentially, means that an English-only app would miss millions of downloads. To unlock the full potential of your app, you need to make it ready for adaptation to the language and culture of your users. The following best practices for internationalizing an Android app built with Jetpack Compose can help.

Getting started 🏁

At Google I/O 2019, Google first announced Jetpack Compose, a modern toolkit for…

UI strings can be hard to translate. Correcting them — even harder. Learn how a software localization platform can make your workflow for correcting translated UI strings a breeze.

UI strings can be hard to translate. Correcting them — even harder. Oftentimes, your quality assurance specialists need to go through the entire spreadsheet several times to make sure they don’t miss anything.

Equally tiring, since the initial translation might come from various sources spread across different tools, it becomes a headache trying to keep all the assets in order. Timelines can be an issue as well, especially when your team members work across geographies and time zones.

If you’re familiar with this scenario, maybe it’s time to consider using a software localization platform for correcting translated UI strings workflow…

From stumbling on The Phrase Blog to making the move to Hamburg, Phrase has been the exciting and diverse work environment I was seeking and have come to love.

My name is Elizabeth and I’m from the United States. Aside from being a software engineer, I enjoy doing a variety of things. Outdoors, I like hiking, kayaking, rock climbing/bouldering, stargazing, playing soccer with my friends, and training for my next marathons. 🏃‍♀️ Indoors, I enjoy practicing jiu-jitsu, tinkering with my Raspberry Pi, translating Latin poetry, researching classical Rome, Greece, and Egypt, and preparing for my next archaeological digs. ⛏️

A large part of the reason I went into engineering is that mathematics has been my favorite subject since I was a little kid — one year, I even asked…

Want to implement full-stack i18n with Angular and .NET Core? This guide is your go-to source for learning everything you need to know.

This tutorial will walk you through the process of internationalizing a full-stack application. We will store the product details for a car store in a database that, in turn, will store the translated data as per the locale supported by the application. We will serve our app in two languages, English and Hindi, and let the user select the app locale using a drop-down list. The app will use SQL Server as the database, .NET Core for the Web API, and Angular as the UI framework. We will use the Transloco library for i18n on the UI layer. …

It wouldn’t be too much to say that every iOS developer strives to create the best user experience possible for their apps. With accessibility features, they’ve got the chance to go the extra mile and deliver a superior UX to customers with special needs around the globe — but how to support internationalization and accessibility within the same iOS app?

Accessibility in iOS is a set of features and tools provided by Apple to create a strong user experience for everyone. The toolbox includes captioning and audio description, display customization (increase the font size, reduce motion, etc.), speech, VoiceOver, and more.

For an internationalized app, supporting accessibility features could be a great way to extend your app to new users. However, missing a step into this journey could push your users away from your app — that’s why it’s crucial that accessibility features are aligned with the internationalization ‘level’ of your app.

This article will be focused on internationalizing VoiceOver


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