The Darkness Will Not Overcome

Are you barely hanging on by a thread? Barely keeping your head above the water?

Are you feeling that you are about ready to give up and it doesn’t really matter if you sink?

Do you feel that life has dealt you enough blows and you are tired of fighting to survive?

As it is, you are already black and blue, battered and torn - ‘It is only a matter of time’ — they say.

Are you thinking that all it will take is just one more person to tell you that you are worthless, stupid, unwanted and not loved will be enough to push you over the edge?

My life has been nothing but easy. I have faced struggle after struggle to overcome. Challenge after challenge. My feelings of loneliness… of being an outsider. At times I feel like there is no one to turn to.

All the attempts that I make to “fit” in seems as though I am rowing a boat against the current. A fight that I feel is being lost. When the sea of doubt comes, I am tempted to drown in my sorrow…

As I struggle with these thoughts constantly plaguing me and tempting me to give in, tempting me to give up. I am reminded that there is — HOPE.


Although I cannot see what the future holds tomorrow and how everything will play out, I am reminded to look up. Literally raise my eyes and look up!

“Do you see the north star brilliantly shining its light into the darkness? It is lighting your way. It is true north, guiding you. Yes, the fear and pain are real. People may hate you, despise and curse but…YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”

Just hold on a little longer. Your redemption is near!

The darkness has not and will not overcome!

“One moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory.”
— Louis Zamperini

In You, my Lord, I place my life. You are my ‘north star’ making to path straight. I trust in YOU and am not afraid. What can mere people do to me?