Anti-shark finning campaign and media roles in advocacy.

The shark fin soup was one of the most famous dishes that originally originate in China. Occasionally, the food was aiming to be served only in the wedding ceremony, yet the circumstance has shifted since nowadays we can commonly consume it in every Chinese restaurant. However, what most of the people do not completely know is the remorseful story behind each bowl of soup.

Statistically, over 100 million of shark has been killed every year for its fin in order to serve the demand of the people who consume shark fin soup (Vance, 2016). Nonetheless, the process of shark finning was truly crucial and regretful, in which most of the people does not really aware of it. The following documentation video will show the process of how shark fin was being process and how the situation looks like before it reach an actual product that were used to generate and serve as a dish on the table.

Published by The Humane Society of the United States via YOUTUBE (2012)

Moreover, one of the biggest concerns about shark was that as a result of shark finning and the high demand of shark fin it has put shark on the list of soon-to-be endangered species. Therefore, by watching this video I hope that at least it would help and enlighten the people to be more aware of this issue, know how bad the situation is, and take part in helping bettering the situation by stop consuming shark fin.

To encountered this issue there are a lot of organizations who established a campaign aiming at overcoming this particular issue with the purpose of raising the awareness of the public and introduce an information on how a demand of shark fin soup can create a huge impact on the sea life — especially, the shark. One of an interesting campaign that advocate people to stop consuming shark fin that I have came across and personally think that it truly made an affirmative impact on improving the circumstance is the campaign that was launched by the WildAid organization. Majorly, the organization has used social media as a major channel to communicate their message to the public in order to raise the awareness of the people. Moreover, to attract the attention of the people WildAid has used the one of the important media influencer, the celebrity to help conveying and spreading their message. (WildAid, n.d.)

Published by WildAid via YOUTUBE (2009)

From my point of view, I think that their strategy is outstanding owing to the fact that as we all know that social media has played a big role in our society, therefore by selecting the social media as a tool to communicate the message is a smart choice and it is the most effective way to reach the audience. Furthermore, by using the celebrity as the media influencer it’s really helped spread the word out, which made more people become conscious of the ongoing issues. Therefore, to me, I believe that this campaign is successful in the way that the message has been sent and able to be perceived by the audience who are on the digital world.