Usability Test

Brainstorming different tasks, users, and methods of collecting data for our usability test
Grouping up different experiences with coffee makers


Usability test was the main concept for this week’s lesson. This sprint required our group of three to plan and execute a usability test in regards to a coffee maker. Our group was in complete control of everything, from planning the tasks, to collecting data, to actually executing the test to real college students. To start off this sprint, we brainstormed different tasks and methods of collecting data in studio and in the end this is what my group included in the usability test:

Task 1: Change clock/timer to 4:00

Task 2: Pour water into the water reservoir

Task 3: Pour water from the coffee beaker to a mug

Method of Collecting Data: Rate on Scale of 1 to 10 (Easy to Hard), Counting Errors, and Qualitative response

Video presentation of of our usability test
One of our user completing a task


While completing the sprint, there were a few tricky obstacles that my group had to overcome. In general, just getting started with the sprint and planning all the logistics such as what tasks, materials, location, and audience were all things we had to take into consideration. After breaking down the sprint into smaller sections, it was easier to plan out the rest of the usability test. My group could have also been more prepared during the actual testing because there were a few moments in which users asked us questions we hadn’t thought about. In the future it would be helpful to have a game plan/response when the users asked specific questions and also have the users explain their thought process outloud.


Overall this project was very enjoyable because I liked having the freedom to design and execute all the different components. It was fun planning every aspect of the usability test, from planning the logistics to actually seeing the test take place, the whole process was memorable. I enjoy organizing and planning events so the whole process of brainstorming and planning all the little components were very fun in my opinion. I also liked the creative aspect of this sprint. Even though a coffee maker is a pretty common household appliance, coming up with all the different possible tasks with it was entertaining.

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