Evening wander

I walk aimlessly through the narrow streets

where buses don’t enter and the bars don’t sleep

Pictures on the wall lead the way

Flashing neon signs lead me astray.


alone and in numbers


around like ghosts.

The air breathes of sadness

foul alcohol and stale cigarettes

formless images floating alongside

a deafening void of feelings.

Where’s the laughter we promised ourselves?

illusions of a “better” future

hopeful thoughts that are barely enough

to last us through the bleakest of days

I take everything in

let the mixture perforate my self

inhaling the moment of loss

wishing it’d help me find…

There are always nights like this

when time becomes but a useless luxury

I tread on an unbearable lightness of being

droplets on smoked screens are all I am seeing.

Questions of my distant self

Patterns no one else can tell

I see life through my own brand of wonder

Sometimes, not knowing is the only answer.


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