Land of Semi-Dreams

Source: Lac Troi

Let me tell you the story of my little trip

to the Land of Semi-Dreams where colors don’t sleep

feel the sound bloom in the darkness of an empty room

tears of unblinking eyes blended in the mysteries of the night


Magic dissolved impatiently under my tongue

another world seeped through my veins and lungs

as the lifeless pictures they began to speak

“you gotta dive to the bottom before you see the peak”


The ink permeated the chilly atmosphere

The voice in the mirror became all so clear

Words have since lost their mortal weight

And the literal was nothing but dead


I got lost inside the depth of my mind

and I cried for the ornaments and the fakes

Life receded to minute drops from the sky

For a moment I could leave everything behind


In the dancing layers of the black and the white

what mattered the most slowly manifested

the pillars for each of our walks in life

the sinners and the sins were equally blessed


I left to seek the meaning of it all

in the tug between the self and the unconscious

just to find in the middle of the fall

what I already had was the true precious


As light returned through the blinds and the cracks

I caressed my face with the screaming of the bass

On the notes I squinted dry for my way back

clutching the new-found love for the beauty of the day