Sendai Mediatheque by Toyo Ito

Toyo Ito is a Japanese architect. He was born in Korea on June 1, 1941. An architect who likes to create and design different structures. Which focuses on the structure of the house. He has defined his career by combining the elements of minimalism and cutting-edge new technology. In a way, he has interwoven the design, modern culture and tradition of Japan.
Toyo Ito designed the Sendai Mediatheque in Japan in 1995 with the concept of organic architecture in mind. He was inspired by nature and underwater. He was inspired by floating seawater. His buildings have a sense of flying up and liquid space. With a transparent design, he created an interior space that blends with the outdoors in a dramatic way. Lighting plays an important role in this design. During the day, the space filled with natural light ran through the empty columns and at night, the entire building glows from the artificial light.
The technique I use is “A floating object” inspired by Toyo Ito. The building I created around UTS is UTS building 1. Inspired by the designs of Toyo Ito I have created the following test samples to create a complete version using “A floating object” .

uts building 1
Design by Justin

Final design:

final design by Justin

By test methods and with the influence of Toyo Ito. I created the final draft for my design. With the focus on the structure of the house, I created a pillar across all floors. I still keep the structure of high buildings. But it can be seen that it has a dynamic vector to create a soft and impressive in outside. What’s more, with the transparent glass surrounds that create an open space and focus on the internal structure of the house. During the day, we can receive light directly from the sun.