Assessment task 3: SOUND/AMBIENCE

Karlheinz Stockhausen (From lecture image)

The Helicopter Quartet, composed in 1993 by Karlheinz Stockhausen. The first performance was in 1995. This performance is the Elysian Quarter performing in 2012 in Birmingham, UK.According to Dangerousminds (2014) with 4 helicopters with pilots, 4 sound technicians, 4 television transmitters, 4 x 3 sound transmitters auditorium with 4 columns of televisions and 4 columns of loudspeakers sound projectionist with mixing console / moderator (ad lib.) he made a new series of dreams that inspired the composer ( Karlheinz Stockhausen) to write his controversial Helicopter — Streichquartett or the Helicopter String Quartet in 1992–93 ( Dangerousminds, 2014).

As an orchestra playing in the traffic

That mean I inspired Karlheinz Stockhausen too. In this assessment I doing As an orchestra playing in the traffic. So I decided to record this sound in George Street where have a lot of people. Moreover, i asked my friend who can play guitar help me play a short song in 30 seconds. And last but not least, I must draw this record in the 420mm x 420mm with 200gsm paper. As you see below following what Karlheinz Stockhausen did in his controversial I made a song.

my final drawing

I created a piece of music with shapes through the sounds that I heard in this recording. I divided into 3 segments and each segment corresponded to 10–15 seconds. At about first 10 seconds you can hear the prelude of the song drawn with circles, black triangle with the cut is the noise around as the car runs through and make a loud noise, or pedestrian crossing. On the next line, it’s the chorus of the song that goes from line two to half line three. With the focus on the music that is only what you can hear from that line. You can feel the song has a lot of fast and strong rhythm. when the song become smaller in line 3, we can hear the sound of people walking from mall and noise of car again was showed by the rope looks like a ladder that has been twisted until it resembles a spiral staircase.


Dangerousminds, 2014, “ STOCKHAUSEN’S AUDACIOUS ‘HELICOPTER STRING QUARTET”, viewed by 24/5,

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