This weekend I rode…

A motorcyle.. And it could not have been more fun. As a founder at I clearly love motorcycles and am creating a platform for people to safely and confidently use other people’s bikes. An Air BnB of sorts i suppose but so much more in reality.

And this weekend I got to borrow a friends bike:

Unfortunately the Yamaha wasn’t on offer — Other Tom needed it, but I got to ride the little red beast, or Scruffy Buffalo as it is affectionately but bizarrely known.

The excitement in the owners voice of actually getting it started was a bit disconcerting..

But then again it is a classic (old) and it was epic! Went for a ride out to Richmond Park and then on to Surrey in the rain, loving every minute.

A great little adventure and hopefully the start of many many more. If you want to borrow a bike for an adventure, of make a bit of money lending your bike out to make someone’s weekend — head over to and sign up!