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Mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency has been the dream of crypto enthusiasts since the launch of bitcoin in 2009. A decade later, however, a Finder.com study shows that only 8% of Americans have invested in cryptocurrencies and 27% say that the tech is “too difficult to understand”. With user-unfriendly platforms with steep learning curves dominating the space and highly publicized regulatory uncertainty, it’s no wonder that the average consumer is hesitant.

At Phunware, we’re working hard to create solutions to these challenges as we get ready to bring PhunCoin to the masses. We envision nothing less than a future of data ownership built on the blockchain and powered by PHUN. We’re passionate about your ability to own your data, and we intend to address mainstream concerns in order to set a new standard for the next phase of cryptocurrency ecosystems. …

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“If you see someone without a smile — give them one of yours.” — Proverb

In recent years, South Korea has become a world leader in blockchain and cryptocurrency. As of early 2018, the Korean won was second only to the US dollar in fiat-based cryptocurrency trading, accounting for more than 10% of BTC trades in the second half of 2017. …

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