Com2uS ‘Soccer Spirits’ 2nd Anniversary Event in progress

Mobile games company Com2uS (CEO songbyeongjun) disclaims publishing and bikbol (NYSE gimindong room yongbeom) developed by the new free games online football card RPG ‘Soccer Spirits’ that carried the exotic promotions right the second anniversary introductory broadcast in progress and cosplay public of 13 She said one.

Com2uS released the first commemoration of the second anniversary of the “Soccer Spirits” continues the real-time Internet broadcast. Gimseonghoe, yunseonsaeng, ohseonggyun professional games, including Kim, Min — Young MC 3 causal models have with this is not broadcast 14 days from 7 pm to 9 pm it proceeds coming from the tv next pot. “Soccer Spirits” is to convey my appreciation to the users through this broadcast, it plans to expand the opportunity for users and communication.

It also exposes the character of the playing games mobile online costume ‘Soccer Spirits’ main character, ‘Serena’ and ‘Eve’. The shooting is expected to join the ‘Rota writers’ Babe, known as a professional photographer will satisfy users with more high-quality images. Costumes of two kinds of characters can be found in-game banner with ‘Soccer Spirits’ official cafe.

Finally, we proceed to the second anniversary of the event that pays a thank you gift gift for all connected users coming three days from 14 days to provide the abundant benefits for the user. Every time you connect once a day to pay 2 million in gold, the unique spirit stone options, 5-star player options, respectively.

Com2uS official “Soccer Spirits were greeted two years, thanks to the steady support of users,” said, “haeteuni laid the news game exotic entertainment for all those who submitted him for Soccer Spirits Thank you for your support and will continue the game with constant updates and events nagagetda said that further enhance “the enjoyment of.

The football card RPG released in May 2014, Soccer Spirits’ is enjoying a real-time teonje, more beautiful illustrations and domestic seongwoojin top players participated in a fun and exciting football has become the voice of the continuing popularity.