Creating a direct game,Pico Pico Maker Korean version of the Google Play Store Release

Japanese mobile game developers Global Gears gotta launch in Japan in 2014. Let’s popular mobile game download recorded 10 300! Action game! Pico Pico maker announces the Korean version Korea.

This release of Pico Pico manufacturers mobile game is a game that is typical dot images reconciliation can create your own action games. Left, right, it is an advantage to be able to enjoy the game easy and simple to operate only place anyone button.

First, to the level of a difficult stage from the stage of easy levels that beginners can enjoy with the play button, you can play a game of a stage of varying difficulty to provide by default. In addition, only the Create function that selects any of the 30 different types of materials and touch where you want to place is the most important feature that lets you create your own stages. Pressing the button layout slide can also set up more than new free games online the possible deployment of a continuous material.

The original stage he enrolled created directly using the Create function possible transfer to SNS and enjoy with users around the world. In addition, you may choose to play on the stage created by someone else, press the Find button to random play, or to provide direct access to the official site of the stages of varying difficulty.