eKorean Fantasy ‘Kal Online’, system updates performed riding

Ahyinikseu soft (NYSE: gimseongu) is that new free games online its events are developed and carried out with riding system update on April 26, the first service in the Korean Fantasy ‘Kal Online (Tue).

Karl-line ‘This ride is a vast continent, sped by a variety of vehicles such as bears and birds of prey updated first half of 2016, and quickly became the go is possible. April 26 from 5 January 3 weeks ‘end cIose’ event is in progress and that a variety of events to be ready for playing games mobile online such access may only offer a ride during the event. In addition, it is also the season to prepare items that bestows a rare and more fun.

Soft ahyinikseu said, “2016 was the first half of the ride system updates, wait bundeulkkeseo many incidents updating hope you cosplay game enjoy the event even more fun with the prepared swords online,” he said.

For more details about “riding the system” and “the end cIose ‘event can be found through the” sword Online “official website.