Lost Kingdom third character appeared Archmage advance booking rush

Nessie 30 trisection (NYSE jangwonsang, Young Ho Park, less than 4:33), prior to the third character ‘Archmage’ mobile launch of the blockbuster action RPG (role performed Game) Lost Kingdom ‘(factorial Games developer) carried out a pre-scheduled events .

This new character reservation was planned as an event that pays the Lost Kingdom ‘goods to users ahead of the new free games online Archmage aunch of the Wizard job. If this event is April 21 and continue until the market Archmage Knights enter the name and phone number in the Archmage official advance booking page it will automatically apply.

Pre-booking for the user level, mythical 50 weapons, 10 one Experience the magic of the stone three times potions, is paid 100 Upgrade Stone. Details regarding the reservation can be found in “Lost Kingdom” official cafe.

Lost Kingdom is a gladiator (Warrior), Slayer (check), Archmage of the three characters (wizard) appear and can only select this playing games mobile online gladiator with Slayer. Wizard ‘Archmage’ is a character who speaks a powerful magic wand to bring together the elements of the earth.

Can fight powerful monsters to take advantage of the diverse nature of elemental magic, the magic of the wide range of possible attacks can be treated at one time a large number of enemies. 4:33 is planning to launch a ‘Archmage’ character through the end of April, a major update.

4:33 Bar has introduced the Archmage With the introduction of pre-cinematic video public. The video begins with a young girl and an old woman asleep in Goiania lullaby. In the following picture emerges scene that recalls the old woman experienced war in the past. The old woman is described as wizards Archmage which play an important role in the war. The little girl was asleep on the end of the war, recalled that expressed the awakening girl inherited the blood of grandmothers ‘Archmage’ pop up through the snow it. Archmage cinematic images can be appreciated through YouTube

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