Strategy Game ARMA GALLANT English version for PS4, released April 22

Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea (SIEK, representing relief Tetsuya) is PlayStation Store (hereafter PS Store) download-only PlayStation 4 (or less PS4) titles “ArmaGallant: Decks of Destiny,” the new free games online PS Store through April 22 ₩ 47,700 on the sale and . It also provides a deck making the game more smoothly, so you can enjoy the April target PS Plus members who purchase the game from the 22 to May 5 to 30% discount.

ArmaGallant: Decks of Destiny is a new real-time strategy game for the PS4 that is based on the production deck. This game league of legends free download combines the decks and making real-time strategy games, brings a fresh new gaming experience for users who like both genres.

Players in the game to create a battle deck, one should proceed with one or two speeds of War 2 real time strategy. Players will enhance the tactical map points, and moves the army, while making the best use of magic deck at the right time to enjoy the spectacular battles. ArmaGallant magical creatures and belongs to one of the five elements (light, dark, water, fire and earth), each with different strengths and play styles. Users can create powerful combo card of their own through a variety of combinations.

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