VR development know-how sharing chapter of the Unity Day

Unity Korea (CEO Sook) today announced that VR content development expertise and 26 am to 2 pm Offline coming new free games online event Unity Day to share a wide range of development-related information from 5:00 held at the Textile Center in Gangnam.

In this event will participate directly Unity Evan jelly algorithm Chief Executive Officer (Director of Global Evangelism) Carl Cal reowo agent (Carl Callewaert) may then raise expectations than ever before. Participants can hear more vivid and in detail electrolysis emerging VR content development news and the latest know-how to develop the industry’s largest buzzword.

It is not the event fee, if developers are interested in attending apply after entry your name, contact details, company until May 23 e-mail 100 people will be selected through a lottery. Winners are playing games mobile online announced 24 days goes through the nation’s largest developer community, Unity, Unity comes the hub.

In addition, this event has been in addition to VR’s session related to the best interests of readiness multiplayer development framework of the training session, game developers eye-catching. Variety to cross-platform multiplayer development services of the Unity Multiplayer, the session will be configured via the methods outlined cross multiplayer cross-platform OS and a simple one-on-one multiplayer framework framework from multilateral multiplayer offered by Unity Multi play platform will be developed know-how to share.

Representative Unity Korea Sook said,so that videos game developers can achieve more dopja was to plan this event, under the Unity Mission,he said.There will conduct various offline events for developers in the future knocks look forward to your participation .

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