Yasuo disciple of Taliyah plans to join! Various balance adjustment LOL 6.10 patch

The first striking point in this patch is also a new free games online champion, rock shaman Antalya news. As you can see from the title name, the wizard champion Antalya to fly the rocks seems to be hired, mainly to mid-liners. Moreover, in addition it is also possible appointed to the top or supporters.

Antalya is a key passive rock climbing and wall of rock shaman, etc., have a skill that can move quickly to save roaming capabilities. In particular of the rock wall in league of legends free download Magic it is expected to be a wide variety of uses depending on the use, because to create the topography and terrain to ignore the speed, as well as be able to participate in the full-length, temporarily.

If you use the skill Q fragments brandishing skills to create a compacted earth.Trodden earth tally in the movement speed increasing effects, such as number of attacks here In the Flinders spree one circuit is reduced, the tally is anomalous champions need a variety of cosplay game applications, rather than just play. Therefore, it seems important to adapt to the unique skills performance since the launch of the championship.