My Dinh national Stadium

The My Dinh National Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Tu Liem District , suburban Ha Noi, Viet Nam. It has a capacity of 40,000 seats. My Dinh stadium is not only used to hold many kinds of sport competitions , It’s also the place to organize many other special or entertainment events

Sporting Events

My Dinh Stadium is the centerpiece of Vietnam’s National Sports Complex. It’s the main venue for every sport competitions or friendly international matches as well as hosting many other football and athletics events. I went there to watch football matches several times, so many competitions are held during the year so the stadium is always overcrowded because of too many people who love football .This place is always on fire !!!

Music Concert

Many celebrities, idols,singers come to perform or hold a concert there. Not only the celebrities in Việt Nam but also the artists from all around the world. I attended many music concerts in Mỹ Đình

I was so happy because my favourite boyband from Korea stopped here to perform as a part of their World Music Tour . They brought to Vietnamese fans an amazing stage by their effervescent music and profesional dance . They made the adience explode and adventure to the music. I’ll never forget this !!

Many Kinds Of Festival

The Millennial Anniversary of Hanoi
Japanese culture Festival

The My Dinh National Stadium is a multi-use stadium. Many kinds of festivals, carnavals or the other entertainment events have been organized in there like “Traditional cuisine Festival “, “Cultural Festival”, “Magic Show” , and “Fashion Show “

I love Japan very much ! I went there and attended some festivals about Japanese culture like : “ Japanese Traditional Food Festival “, “Japan comicbooks and cosplay Festival “, “Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival” ,… I have known so many things about the land of the rising sun . They were great experiences!